Eastplats Operating Results

Eastern Platinum Limited (TSX:ELR,LSE:ELR,JSE:EPS) announced operating results from the Crocodile River Mine for the fourth quarter ended June 30, 2012.

As quoted in the press release:

There have been encouraging improvements in production at the Crocodile River Mine (CRM), particularly from the Zandfontein section, during the second quarter of 2012. However, as a result of continued issues facing the industry, the Company has proposed to temporarily suspend stoping at Zandfontein and embark on a 12 to 18 month development program, as described in the Company’s press release dated June 12, 2012. At the Maroelabult section, the Company has proposed to continue “on-reef” mining operations, along with the development of major conveyor development ends, with the objective of achieving a sustainable production target of 30,000 tpm.

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