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CPM Says Global Platinum Supplies to Remain in Deficit

Mineweb reported that CPM Group has predicted that the global platinum supplies will remain in a deficit this year despite the rise in mine production as demand for automobile manufacturing and jewelry is set to rise.

Major Platinum Miners Betting on Fuel Cell Technology

Reuters reported that the world's three largest platinum producers are investing in fuel cell technologies, which "generate electricity that can power vehicles by combining hydrogen and oxygen over a platinum catalyst."

SFA Says Platinum Price Too Low to Be Sustainable

The Bullion Desk reported that SFA Oxford's Stephen Forrest told LPPM delegates that the current platinum price is unsustainable. He stated that a price rise was inevitable due to an "impending imbalance in the market."

Platinum Price at 6-week High reported that Platinum pric in New York advanced to the highest level in six weeks on Monday, attributed largely to stronger gold price and reports indicating that the PGM market will remain in deficit.

WPIC Says Platinum Supply Deficit not as Large

Mineweb reported that the World Platinum Investment Council’s Q1 platinum report sees platinum remaining in deficit this year, but the deficit will not be as large as stated in a recent report from GFMS.