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Platinum Prices Could Rise Again Soon

Although platinum and palladium saw price drops on Monday, CNBC has pointed to a broader 5-percent jump in year-to-date platinum futures prices as well as a 7-percent price jump for its sister metal.

Platinum Prices Take a Dive

Frik Els of reported that platinum prices fell by more than $20 per ounce on Monday while palladium prices also declined. According to mining, prices for the metals are not reacting as expected to supply squeezes from Russia and South Africa, especially in light of revived demand from the European automobile industry.

South Africa’s Platinum Future Lies in Newer, Shallower Mines

Mineweb reported that based on presentations and conversations that took place at this year's PDAC convention, it's clear that the future of South Africa's platinum sector lies in newer, shallower mines, not the "deep-vein, shanty-town-lined mines of old."