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Platinum’s alternative investment appeal

Platinum is on track for the best quarter in over a year, as demand for the metal as an alternative to gold has nudged prices up 23 per cent. Platinum’s premium to gold stood at $213.15 an ounce yesterday, compared with $1,041.83 a year ago.

Platinum’s rebound puzzles analysts

Platinum has bounced more than 30 percent since plunging to a five-year low of approximately $732 an ounce in October. This ascent is occurring despite the absence of physical buying from the industrial sector. This rebound, without appropriate technical recovery is puzzling analysts.

Platinum rebounds despite poor fundamentals

Platinum rebounded early in ’09, and came back into the four digits, the metal’s highest value in over 12 weeks. In 2008 the metal went on a wild ride, hitting a peak of $2,290 per ounce, and then came crashing down to a three digit value. Despite the metal starting the year on a good note, RBC capital markets has cut its platinum price forecast for the next two years.

Platinum market is forecast to be in deficit by 2,40,000 oz

The platinum market is forecast to be in deficit by 2,40,000 oz in 2008. Demand is set to fall by 2.3 per cent to 6.52 million oz, while supply of the white metal is likely to slip 4.2 per cent to 6.28 million oz – the lowest since 2003. For full story, click here