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Platinum gets mixed response as crude oil drops

Platinum was mixed on Thursday, July platinum rose $2.40 to $1,207.60 an ounce, while September palladium declined $3.35 to $239.70. The drop in the three month contract price was related to declining crude oil. Last week, prices of both platinum and palladium climbed to their highest levels since November 2008-

Platinum’s alternative investment appeal

Platinum is on track for the best quarter in over a year, as demand for the metal as an alternative to gold has nudged prices up 23 per cent. Platinum’s premium to gold stood at $213.15 an ounce yesterday, compared with $1,041.83 a year ago.

Platinum’s rebound puzzles analysts

Platinum has bounced more than 30 percent since plunging to a five-year low of approximately $732 an ounce in October. This ascent is occurring despite the absence of physical buying from the industrial sector. This rebound, without appropriate technical recovery is puzzling analysts.

Gold exceeds platinum in value

Platinum has shed 45 per cent of its value in just nine months. Last Friday the spot price of platinum hit a low of $812.75 per oz. Now, for this first time in 12 years gold has surpassed platinum in value.

What is ahead for Platinum?

Platinum, once prized with value due to its rarity, has become one of the worst performers of the precious metals. So far this year, the metal used as an auto catalyst has shed 46% of its value.

Platinum’s rollercoaster ride

Platinum was up on Monday, reversing some of last weeks huge losses. The metal used in the auto industry continued its rise on Tuesday, but later in the day experienced losses. Platinum’s rise from its 3 1/2 year low came as crude oil prices advanced, encouraging investors to buy commodities including precious metals.

Battered platinum gets some relief

Platinum prices advanced further Tuesday after surging oil prices boosted the precious metal’s appeal as a hedge against inflation. Overall weakness in the dollar, the recovery in equities and fresh optimism over the economic outlook sparked buying of commodities in earlier trade.

Analysts see light at the end of the tunnel for platinum

Platinum plunged to a new low on Tuesday, dropping below $1000 an ounce for the first time since 2006. Platinum dropped $96.00, or 8.8%, to hit $994 on the London Metal Exchange. At its current price platinum is down 57% from its record high of $2301.50 hit on March 4th.