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Supply Threats to Accelerate Platinum’s recovery

As platinum just start down the road to recovery, analysts are already warning that supply threats are likely to boost the metals price to new highs. Platinum prices may climb above $1,500 an ounce “in the next couple of years” as demand recovers amid supply constraints in South Africa, the world’s biggest producer, according to Banc of America Securities- Merrill Lynch.

Platinum gets mixed response as crude oil drops

Platinum was mixed on Thursday, July platinum rose $2.40 to $1,207.60 an ounce, while September palladium declined $3.35 to $239.70. The drop in the three month contract price was related to declining crude oil. Last week, prices of both platinum and palladium climbed to their highest levels since November 2008-

GM bankruptcy lends relief to platinum

Platinum prices, already on the positive track, got a boost this week from declining greenback and the announcement of GM’s Bankruptcy. GM’s bankruptcy is by no means a positive for platinum, as the auto industry accounts for approximately half of global platinum demand; however, platinum’s price has been reflecting the impending bankruptcy for many weeks.