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Platinum Prices to Rebound from Five-year Low

Mineweb reported that platinum prices are poised to rebound from a five-year low due to shrinking platinum stockpiles, rising demand from car manufacturers and new uses of platinum being charted out in the energy field.

Will Central Banks Buy and Sell PGM’s to Control Prices?

Mineweb's Kip Keen commented on a recent announcement that Sergei Donskoi, Russia's Minister of Natural Resources, suggested that South Africa and Russia buy platinum and palladium through their central banks to exert some control over metals prices. The author ran a "what if?" scenario past Harry First, a law professor at the New York University School of Law with a special interest in international anti-competition issues.

Platinum Prices Rose Above $1,550 per Ounce in August

Platinum Today released its August 2013 Price Report, commenting that platinum began the month at $1,439 per ounce before concerns about Syria brought it above $1,550 in Asian trading in late August. The metal ultimately ended the month at $1,521 following positive GDP growth in the United States.

Platinum Prices May be Set for 11-percent Jump

Mineweb reported that platinum prices have risen over their 200-day moving average and from there may increase 11 percent to hit their highest level since February, according to TD Securities.