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Automaker uncertainty bad news for platinum

Platinum declined last week; and continued the trend this Monday as uncertainty over the future of US automaker GM put the metal’s near future demand outlook into question. In the current state of the economy, the auto industry is unable to lend support to platinum; but the metal may get some relief from rising safe haven appeal.

Rand Snaps Four-Day Drop Versus Dollar as Platinum Climbs

South Africa’s rand snapped a four- day decline against the dollar as higher prices for gold and platinum, the nation’s biggest export earners, boosted revenue prospects for the world’s largest producer of precious metals. For full story, click here

Platinum’s rebound puzzles analysts

Platinum has bounced more than 30 percent since plunging to a five-year low of approximately $732 an ounce in October. This ascent is occurring despite the absence of physical buying from the industrial sector. This rebound, without appropriate technical recovery is puzzling analysts.

Platinum expected to average $1,343

Real platinum prices (in 2007 dollars) are expected to average $1,343 an ounce between 2008 and 2017, the forecast period.  For full story, click here  

Platinum prices are not expected to rise in 2009

Platinum prices are not expected to rise in 2009, but as the economy perks up and automakers start selling cars again, platinum prices will rise. Before that happens, though, platinum could fall further. For full story, click here